Who we elect matters.

New Mexico needs more progressive leaders who come from and represent all of the communities and backgrounds making up the Land of Enchantment.

Progressive champions come from and are supported by the communities they desire to represent.

Since 2011, ProgressNow New Mexico has been working to engage and elevate the voice of the new Progressive Majority in the State of New Mexico.

But building power takes more than just the right ideas.  It takes the right people to put them into action.

Our Progressive Champions for New Mexico PAC seeks out candidates for office who:

  • Come from and represent the communities they desire to represent
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to increasing civic engagement across New Mexico
  • Are committed to building long-term power for the people of New Mexico
  • Work for a government that is more equal and responsive to the people who created it


  • Are targeted by conservative political campaigns or big-money special interests
  • Are in races where our impact has a high likelihood of putting the progressive candidate into office.

Grassroots supported

Republicans have used six-figure donors for years to overpower progressive candidates and messages.

But grassroots donors have fought back – successfully – with smarter targeting and modern digital tools that deliver our message through their overwhelming media barrage straight to the voters who need it.


Contact us

You can reach us at 505.312.8509 or lucas@progressnownm.org

625 Silver Ave SW #320, Albuquerque, NM 87102